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About the Doctor

Dr. Vladimir Hutsulak

Doctor Vladimir Hutsulak completed his first dental degree from Dnipro Medical Academy, Ukraine, with a red diploma (highest standing) in 1987. After graduating from the prosthodontic program (two years) he became an assistant professor at the faculty of prosthodontics in Ivano-Frankivsk Medical Academy, Ukraine. In 1990, he defected to Canada from the Soviet Union, and became a certified denturist in British Columbia, where he practiced in Parksville on Vancouver Island. The desire to practice the full scope of dentistry brought him to a new school- The University of Manitoba. After graduating from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry with a gold medal, he established Gimli Dental Clinic in 1997. Dentistry is his main passion, however, fishing and mushroom picking are not far behind. So come to us, for not only will we take care of your smile, but give you a free consult on the best fishing spots around Gimli, and mushroom picking within the provincial parks of Manitoba.